Shamballa - A Place of Peace, Tranquility and Happiness

In Tibetan, Buddhist tradition, Shamballa is a Mystical Kingdom hidden beyond the snow peaks of the Himalayas.

The people who once lived in Shamballa knew how to access this sacred energy and bring it to earth. This sacred energy contributes to our inner peace and this is what we all are meant to achieve one day.

Discovering Ourselves - Body, mind and soul through Positive thinking, Affirmations, Reiki, Bach Flower therapy, Angel card readings, Mantras, Chanting & Meditation

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BACH FLOWER FOR ANXIETY Aspen: Unexplained fears and worries. Nervous & anxious. Mimulus: Have fear rooted in known causes eg. spiders, flying, exams etc. Red Chestnut: Over-anxious/over-concern for others. White ChestnutHave unwanted thoughts, preoccupied and worried, sleeplessness and frontal headaches. Rock RosePanic Attacks Cherry PlumFear of losing control of mind or behaviour, also useful for panic attacks.